About Us

Welcome to N.I.C.E, Northampton Independent Childbirth Educators.

Our mission is to provide personalized, evidence-based Childbirth Education to parents-to-be in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts.

Erika, Mollie, Vicki, Cory Ellen, and Michelle are N.I.C.E. people with decades of teaching and labor support experience between them.  Their classes aren’t identical, but complementary. They are all skilled in helping parents prepare for birth in any setting, any style. They study together to keep up with the latest evidence-based health care information, and they’re working on educational, fear-busting media projects for parents everywhere.


Our Educators

Vicki Elsonvicki balloons


Vicki has been a childbirth educator and labor support doula since 1983. Her classes are noted for being both comprehensive and fun.  Her classes emphasize confidence, strength, joy, informed choice, flexibility, and sensible parenting with love.

More about Vicki …


Erika Laquer


You are the decision-maker about your birth, and the more you understand your choices, the more prepared and powerful you will feel!

Erika has been a doula since 2006 and has attended over 60 births.

More about Erika …


Mollie H11081382_10153170396369933_4900308740032931183_nartford


Mollie is a certified childbirth educator, a mama, and the Home-Visit Director of a local postpartum support non-profit. Her passion is to support parents-to-be in making informed decisions about their care, regardless of their birth preferences.

More about Mollie …


Cory Ellen with her daughterCory Ellen Gatrall


Cory Ellen is a full spectrum doula, childbirth educator, certified lactation counselor, and RN who teaches group and private classes designed to provide comprehensive, practical education and support for growing families.

More about Cory Ellen …


Michelle L’Esperance10575286_10152134620246116_8715291008203147506_o


Michelle provides highly experienced, holistic doula and midwifery care to women and families throughout the childbearing year, as well as classes for parents during pregnancy and pre-conception.

More about Michelle …

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