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erikaErika Laquer, Ph.D. C.B.E.   #413 695-3553

You are the decision-maker about your birth, and the more you know about your choices, the more prepared and powerful you will feel!

Erika has been a doula since 2006, trained as a homebirth midwife, and has attended over 60 births.

With Erika, you will learn tools and techniques to increase the possibility of having the birth of your dreams and a healthy, happy baby.



In a Better Beginnings Birth Services Childbirth Class you will

  • Learn information in interactive ways to solidify learning
  • Engage in hands-on exercises that you will remember in labor
  • Learn a technique to make decisions for you and your baby
  • Explore parenting styles in class and compare notes with other new parents
  • Meet in my home in Northampton with ample parking or other sites convenient for you – let’s talk!

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Childbirth Education Classes

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The 5 Modules you will study:

  1. Building your toolkit for pregnancy and labor
  • Learn techniques to help you cope with pain in labor
  • Use the power of your mind to release tension and open your body to birth
  • Be able to tell the difference between accurate information and unhelpful media influences so that you can have the freedom to make the best decisions for you and your baby
  • Explore the various options for birth so that you know all of the possibilities that are available to you

2. Caring for yourself and your baby in pregnancy

  • Ensure that you’re feeding yourself and your baby well while you’re pregnant
  • Develop a plan for physical movement (one that fits into your busy schedule!) to prepare your body for the hard work of labor
  • Understand the complex journey your baby takes during birth
  • Learn how to move your body to ensure the optimal positioning of your baby in birth
  • Learn how to sleep well and be comfortable until the end of your pregnancy

3. Learning pain-coping techniques for a typical labor

  • Have a wide range of tools and techniques at your disposal so that you can continue to cope with pain throughout the various stages of labor
  • Learn positions to feel more comfortable in labor and help your baby come out
  • Build your support team and consciously choose who you want at your birth
  • Practice techniques with your partner so that you are both confident in their ability to support you

4. Understanding interventions and complications

  • Learn how to ask questions and gather information to make an informed decision about any procedure recommended to you- before, during, or after birth
  • Know how to cope with any unexpected situation, including a cesarean birth
  • Understand typical hospital protocols so that you’re familiar with how the hospital environment works

5. Learning how to care for yourself and your baby after birth

  • Do what you can to connect with your baby and start the breastfeeding relationship in the hours after birth
  • Understand the medical procedures for newborns  
  • Learn different approaches to newborn care, including sleep and eating issues
  • Identify key people to support you and your family after your baby is born
  • Learn resources to care for yourself and the baby



  • Five 3-hour classes, (15 hours) –  the best bargain for couples,  $175
  • TWO 6-hour classes (12 hours) on a weekend, perfect for working people $175 per couple
  • ONE 6-hour class (6 hours) Express Package on a weekend, perfect for couples who travel,  $150 per couple (7 hr with lunch).

Discounts available for military, Mass Health and families who have experienced a job loss recently.


Contact Erika to discuss your personal situation:   #413 695-3553